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Adventure Add-ons - plush

T-Rex 25" Plush $30

High quality plush with shiny scales. Dinosaur Adventure exclusive. Pick up on-site.


Brontosaurus 26" plush $30 (out of stock)

High quality plush. Dinosaur Adventure exclusive. Pick up on-site.

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Ankylosaurus 24" Plush $30

High quality plush. Dinosaur Adventure exclusive. Pick up on-site

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Spinosaurus 17" Plush $25

High quality plush with shiny scales. Dinosaur Adventure exclusive. Pick up on-site.

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Adventure Add-ons - Toys

Tyrannosaurus 24" Soft Pvc $30

Soft lifelike feel. Dinosaur Adventure online exclusive. Pick up on-site.


Super Spinner T-Rex Blaster 11.5" $15 (Best seller!)

Super Spinner T-Rex Blaster 11.5" Awesome light-up and sound action, this toy creates an outstanding light show! Online exclusive. Pick up on-site.

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Jurassic Racer Remote Control Jeep $40

Rev up your engine and settle in for an adventure in the jungle as you come face to face with a ferocious Raptor dinosaur! 

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3D Skeleton T-Rex Excavation Kit $15

Unearth and reconstruct a realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton model using tools and techniques similar to those of a real paleontologist!

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Paleontologist Doll $25

Lead your own dinosaur fossil excavation! Use your tools to carefully dig up dinosaur bones.

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8pc Mesh Bag Dinosaur Assortment (Out of stock)

6" PVC Dinosaur assortment figures playset with a reusable mesh bag included. Pick up on-site.